Another rip off from an underground, less popular person, this time actress. Didn't she learn over the years that imitating someone's style (Dietrich. Monroe etc.) won't make you any better in acting?

Shirley MacLaine

Might as well rip off your ex-boyfriend's sister too!


Will Smith

A post apocaliptycal story in abandoned city. A guy with a gun and dog meets woman and a kid and togethet try to survive. I have a feeling that I've seen this before.. oh yeah in one of the most known and successfull american movies "I am legend". 
Only the endings of stories are different. The Wills's one is very tragic but considering how ghosttown and rebel heart flopped Madge's story is also very sad.

Patricia Hearst

No. No one will EVER take a Wallis Simpson/materialist proud corporate capitalist apologist with a Made in China clothing and makeup line being peddled by her exploited oldest child seriously posing as a Leftist Radical. Not even her fans.


Green Day

Is there any Mandon'nah's album without any plagiarisms and rip offs? No. Will she ever release a new original album? I don't think so. After watching her 30+ years career build on other people's ideas I'm sure she will reamain the queen of P.O.P.( plagiarising other people).

Brigitte Bardot

Did a muscle man, six pack abs lame version of Bardot and her button up dress in the "Cherish" video which was 100% STOLEN from Vadim and BB's "...And God Created Woman (French: Et Dieu… créa la femme)" Also stole Bardot's makeup and hair styles DOZENS of times. The jewel encrusted body stocking was ripped off pre-internet right down to the upper arm bracelets, when Miesel and Madonna were certain few would notice or have the original pics to disseminate.


Martha Graham

Hailed as one of the most innovative and accomplished dancers and choreographers of the last century, the way in which Martha Graham moved in dance and expressed her creativity through body motion reshaped the dance in a way that has been compared to the way Picasso changed visual art and Frank Lloyd Wright redesigned architecture.
Martha Graham’s influence on the dance and ballet has reached as far as instruction to some of the top names in Hollywood including Bette Davis, Liza Minelli and Madonna. 
Martha died in 1991. Few years later queen of hommadges made a tribute for her in Harper Baazar's photoshoot.
PS Raffaella Carra post was updated.
Princess Diana post was removed as her photoshoot was taken in 1997, two years after Madonna's.

Andy Warhol

"Deeper and Deeper" video is a COMPLETE Warhol rip off from start to finish! Even being a "sanctioned rip off" is sneaky because most under 35 are not going to pick up on or know about the original Factory influences.


Pink Floyd

Not only singers (female or male), actors or celebrities are compared with Madonnah. Even the Mundial's opening ceremony in 2014 was compared by professional journalists her fans with this unoriginal, uncreative copycat who didn't push any boundary. Her so called "reinventions" are nothing but rip offs from one person to another. She copies everyone from singers, actresses, poets through painters, movie directors to choreogrphers and composers. 
On the left photos we see a huge, automatically opened disco ball from 2006 "future thiefs" on confessions tour. Pink Floyd copied that idea from Madge and backed into time to 1994.

Whitney Houston

I sincerely believe that if Whitney Huston had hit it big in the late 90s and not the late 80s that she'd be alive today. The racist US media cared only about Madonna and Whitney never ever received the magazine covers (not one mainstream cover), press coverage and critical due that she deserved. Despite achieving the top TWO FILMS in two years (making her the number one female box office star for that period which Madonna will never accomplish) and selling 40+ million albums in a few years she was considered niche because of her race. There were no Beyonces or Black female, wholesome household names until Whitney yet as the first she was treated somewhat like a freak by the Madonnacentric media. Madonna exploited this fact and used it to her advantage with the media's full support and backing. Had Whitney had a powerful platform in the media like Beyonce and Rihanna do today I believe she would not have drifted into deadly excess.


Meaghan Jette Martin

How low did a "queen of pop" had to fall to copy a mediocre musical for teenagers?
Is it a coincidence that Camp Rock has similar chorus to Human nature MDNA Tour?


If you are going to cover another artist's song in a cack 2 million dollar video then at least don't copy their hairstyle as well.


Charlotte Church

Looks like she loves copying Charlottes. First she copied Rampling, later Gainsbourg and now Charlotte Church.

Rita Hayworth

While the video of "this used to be my video" is a carbon copy of Boy George- to be reborn the scenery  and style were taken from Rita's photoshoot.